This week on the Backyard Bands Show featured two new artists to the line up plus a few songs we haven’t heard from some re-occurring groups.. Be sure to email your music to to get your tunes featured on the radio! This weeks lineup:

Sovereign Archtype – One Million Faces, Torri V and the Karma – Change is gonna come, Big Handsome – Chump, Red Hill Ramblers – Barn Burner, The Stone Eye – Farewell Leady, The Stonewall Vessels – The Great Swindle, Relic Hearts – Bridges, Blind Choice – I don’t exist, Words for Hands – The Fall, Buckskin Whiskey – Roll On, Crooked Ways – Filth Wish

Missed the show? No worries! Check out your favorite local rock radio show right here:

Backyard Bands Show 05/16/21