The best way to celebrate Dads day is with some amazing LOCAL rock and roll and we had a great show lined up for you this past week on the Backyard Bands Show! If you missed it, be sure to check out this past weeks lineup and tune into the show below!

Rascal Revival – Tell Me The Truth (new music), Sahayra – Eclectic (new to the show), Vixen 77 – You Gotta Go, Torn Sky – Beast, No Take Backs – Flourescent, Big Lush – Roofers, Big Handsome – Send me back to Philly, Andrew Pauls – The Land Where time Stands Still, Red Hill Ramblers – Ghost Train, Velvet Shelter – Gypsy Flower, The Stone Eye – Ventura

You can always submit music to BWB@CHX105.COM or by messaging us on Facebook at!