Alter Bridge has yet to begin working on new material for the followup to their 2019 album, Walk The SkyMyles Kennedy appeared on Lipps Service With Scott Lipps podcast where he said, “I think everybody’s kind of hunkered down in their own solo project . . . so I would say we’ll start thinking about that more towards the end of the year, early next year.”

He added, “Speaking for myself as a writer, I need to refill the creative well. Having done the Alter Bridge record, and then the second solo record, I need to get those creative juices built back up again.”

One project that is being discussed is Slash Featuring Myles Kennedy And The Conspirators. Kennedy said, “The back-and-forth process has been going on now for months, so lots of stuff in the works there. And we’ll just see what happens as far as a release and all that. Obviously, these are crazy times with the COVID.”

He will release his sophomore solo album, The Ides Of March, on May 14th.


  • Alter Bridge released a seven-song EP, called Walk The Sky 2.0, in November.
  • Walk The Sky was released in October 2019.