Just as if 2020 couldn’t get any crazier, it just did…But in a GOOD way this time!

Get ready for another way to pass the time indoors. One of our favorite rock and rollers of all time has just dropped a brand new horror-themed card game. Never heard of that type of thing? Neither has anyone else, until now. If you’ve heard of Cards Against Humanity, Apples to Apples, or Battle of the Sexes, it’s like a mashup of all of them, but with a Cooper twist.

WMMR.com says: “Alice Cooper’s HorrorBox is available for purchase at FitzGames.com where the “base game” retails for $25. There are ten expansion packs available for purchase that start at $12.95/each. The expansion pack topics include classic movies, modern movies, iconic characters, supernatural, slasher, monsters, aliens, dares, R-Rated and, of course, Alice Cooper.”

The man himself weighed in on his game, summing it up with his explanation “This is 2020, which means all things are upside down and backwards. You’re going to be staying home a lot, so why not play HorrorBox. It’s something totally new, fun for everyone. I helped write a lot of the stuff in it. You will become The Addams Family, if that’s a goal in your life.”

Younger players BEWARE….this game is rated 14 and up. As if anyone under 14 knows who Alice Cooper is…Unless you have REALLY cool parents. Anyone? No?