AC/DC will premiere “Demon Fire” — the second video from its Power Up album — tomorrow night (December 9th) at 10:00 a.m. EST / 7:00 a.m. PST.

Blabbermouth quoted frontman Brian Johnson talking about the video during a message on the band’s social media last month, in which he shed light on how the band were going to pull the video off: “We’re gonna try to do a virtual video of the next song that we want to bring out off the album. The thing is, none of us have ever done this before, so it’s gonna be brilliant, standing by yourself, miming on a microphone because you know that we’re miming, and we know that you know that we know that you know that we’re miming, but still — it’s gonna be fun.”

Johnson went on to say, “Angus (Young) is gonna be playing down in Sydney, Phil (Rudd’s) gonna be whacking the drums in New Zealand, and Cliff (Williams is) gonna be paddling away. He might even come up to join me, ’cause he’s not too far down the road. And Stevie (Young is) somewhere in England, I don’t know. We hope to put an exciting video together.”


  • When was the last time you were turned on to new music by catching a band’s video???
  • Do you make it a point to watch all the new videos of your favorite bands???
  • Would you say you primarily see videos on the band’s social media — or YouTube???
  • In this day and age, do you believe a cool new video by a classic act can convince someone to purchase an entire album — or just the one song???

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