We may have a new unlikely participant in the world of Rock and Roll…MILEY CYRUS.

Before you groan, hear me out. This has been a while in the making, and could change a lot about what we know of the popular Disney star-turned “Internet Breaker.” Over the past few months, Cyrus has been covering a lot of all-time favorite songs; The Cranberries’ Zombie, The Beatles’ Help, Led Zeppelin’s Black Dog, and a handful of other songs that are WAY out of the pop genre that we know her from.

On social media, Cyrus recently revealed that she is currently working on a Metallica cover album, among also dropping her new self-made album later this month.

2020 means the tables are turning, and now they’ve reached the music world. Say goodbye to Party in the USA, and say hello to METAL MILEY!!!

Check out a sneak peek of her rock vibe here: