Once again we find ourselves hanging out in the Backyard! This week we got a lot of messages with some new tunes so there are a few new names this week… which is great! Keep ’em coming! The show will be available Monday if you miss anything and as always be sure to email any music for the show to BWB@CHX105.com!

This weeks lineup:

The Spyders – Lust, Eternal Frequency – What are we waiting for?, Coal – Lie in Wait, The Stonewall Vessels – Hallmaze, Homicide Black – Church on the Hill, Dirty Lasso – Comin’ in Hot, Sovereign Archtype – One Million Faces, Tori V and the Karma – Change is Gonna Come, Big Handsome – Chump, Red Hill Ramblers – Barn Burner, The Stone Eye – Farewell Lady.